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Blue Yeti USB Microphone Review

MXL Mics 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone
  • Multi-purpose condenser microphone
  • Excellent for vocals, pianos, stringed instruments, and percussion
  • Balanced bass response with high end clarity
  • Low frequency roll-off to reduce unwanted rumble
  • Low noise FET preamp with balanced, transformerless output


  • Good-looking, sturdy design for any environment
  • Multiple color options
  • Three condenser capsules allows for total audio recording
  • Four modes that allow you to choose what suits you
  • Zero-latency and mute button for more control


  • Customer service could be more attentive

Whether you are interested in live streaming, voice recording, or doing podcasts, there is one product that you will need to invest in. Yes, it is recommended to have a good audio interface or a computer that runs on the highest level, but apart from these, you wouldn’t be able to go forward without a proper microphone.

We know that there are many professional studio microphones that come at high and unaffordable prices, but if you invest enough time into research to find what you really need, you would be surprised by the results.

The Blue Yeti USB Microphone is a superb product that will satisfy the requirements of anyone who knows what a good microphone brings to the table. There are a number of innovative features that highlight and make it one of the best offers out there. Bearing this in mind, let’s review the components and see why this product is a top pick for many mic users.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

There are more than a few reasons why we consider this microphone a great choice for both someone who is starting off and those who are experienced with doing podcasts and recording vocals. Coming at a fair and reasonable price for anyone who is serious about recording high-quality sound, this mic is perfect for streaming, gaming, recording music, podcasts, and doing regular conference calls.

Whatever comes to your mind, it has you covered! The best thing about it — the tri-capsule array which is there to ensure that any given sound is recorded. Compatible with the common operating systems, and simple to use, buying this mic will be a great long-term investment towards the success of your business or hobby.

Who is this product for?

As we mentioned above, this microphone is designed in a way that once you investigate all its features, you will have to have it. While there are specific professions that depend on a high-quality microphone, anyone who is interested in having fun with recording and streaming will get great benefits out of it.

The Blue Yeti Microphone is not only good for musical instruments and vocals, but it will also fill any demands related to podcasting, streaming, and talking over social media such as Skype. On top of all that, it is pretty easy to control and adjust, making it a good choice whether you are experienced with such a product or you are new to the concept of USB microphones.

What’s included?

You are getting nothing more than the USB microphone and the connecting cable, but that is more than enough given the fair price and high quality of this product.

Overview of features

The Blue Yeti name has been around for quite a long time when it comes to recording equipment and other gadgets. Thus, we have no doubt that this microphone is made to last, and even if there are any built-in defects, you are safe and covered by the limited warranty.

The first thing that we notice are the three condenser capsules that are there to ensure high-quality sound and better recording capabilities. Along with it, this microphone is certainly highlighted by the four different polar patterns. The cardioid pattern is there to ensure that full and rich sound is recorded once you are in front of the microphone (podcasts, game streaming, calls).

The omnidirectional mode is made to perfection and is just what you will need during conference calls where you want everyone around the table to be heard. The bidirectional mode is perfect for situations where you are interviewing someone, while the stereo mode simply depicts a high-resolution sound image (when confronted from multiple directions).

With a frequency response of 20-20000 Hz and a sample rate of 48 kHz, it is sure to provide rich and detailed sound. As for the design, it is good looking yet sturdy, including a few buttons that will allow you to take full control over it (gain control, mute button, zero-latency).

Compatible with Windows 10 and below, as well as Mac OS 10.4.11 and higher, running this microphone is as simple as plugging it in and pressing the play button. Overall, there is nothing much to say against this product, as it holds great value and is sure to satisfy your demands for high-quality sound.

How to use it

This microphone is a plug-and-play, which means that the only thing you will need to do is connect it to your computer and press the play button to start recording. Of course, you will need to have the recording software installed.


  • Good-looking, sturdy design for any environment
  • Multiple color options
  • Three condenser capsules allows for total audio recording
  • Four modes that allow you to choose what suits you
  • Zero-latency and mute button for more control


Customer service could be more attentive


Samson Meteor Mic Studio USB Condenser Microphone

If you are looking for a great alternative at a somewhat lower price, then this Samson product is the right choice for you. Its primary purpose is to be used in a recording studio, but it will perform well in situations such as conference calls, streaming, or podcasting. With a great frequency response and sample rate, this microphone is going to serve as a great beginner’s investment.


Buying the Blue Yeti Microphone will allow you to record everything as it features three condenser capsules and four different modes that will ensure detailed and high-quality sound. It comes at an affordable price and is easy to use, which makes it the optimal choice for anyone interested in buying a proper mic.

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